The Unbalanced Force

Adventure 1 part 1

For any information on the campaign setting as a whole, refer to the SWTOR web-sight. This resource will deal primarily with the series of adventures at hand and the ongoing quest to destroy the legendary Rakatta superweapon, the Reshaper.
The first adventure began on the planet Agamar. The heroes where working as hands for a rancher named Eskall Soll and his wife Syrenna. They are good people who have a reputation for taking in “strays” and helping the disadvantaged, as the heroes at this time find themselves to be.
One morning at the breakfast table they get a distress signal coming in on their personal channel in the direction of, but far beyond Eskalls northernmost bunkhouse well into the wastelands, where tribes of savage Massassi roam.
Eskall and Syrenna decided that he would go with the heroes and that she would, much to her chagrin, stay behind. After they investigated the bunkhouse they would have to stop for supplies at Waypoint, and since Syrenna and Zymlon Drayken, the local Imperial marshal, do not see eye to eye it was better if she stayed behind. Later on the trail, Kris Hibik managed to get out of Eskall what the marshal had against Syrenna. He explained that she publicly made a fool out of him by freeing a group of Wookie slaves he had just sold her and having her cousin who is a caption in the Chiss Ascendancy escort them out of the system. He is unable to directly take action her because Chiss nobles have special rights under imperial law. He doesn’t know that she is only half Chiss.
After a day’s ride on Taunton they come to the bunkhouse, but Eskall makes them stop short. He says something’s not right. Just then he grabs Newton by the shirt collar and throws him to the ground as a slugthrower shot flies just over his head. They all head to a ditch for cover and Eskall instructs them to make for the bunkhouse, take cover and then draw as much fire as possible. He will stay outside and flank the Massassi They make it to the bunkhouse and began shooting through the windows. Just then they are attacked from behind by Massaissi warriors. After they dispatch the first two the third tries to run away, only to be shot down by Eskall as it retreats from the bunkhouse. Eskall killed 10 outside but another 15 must have retreated.
All the ranch hands are dead except for Jaben Eskalls foreman. The signal is still coming from the north. Eskall says that the Massassi only come out of their territory when someone enters theirs, backtracking them and killing their family as an example to anyone else who should dare cross their border. He doesn’t comment as to why Jaben may have crossed over.
They all ride into Waypoint at dusk. The town is quiet and the few residents they see keep their heads down. As they ride to the stables they all see a sign that says “no weapons whatsoever tolerated inside waypoint.” Eskall tells the heroes that they must keep a low profile but at the same time be seen. Gives them a hundred credits and tells them to go to the Watering Hole Cantina and get a few drinks and to take absolutely no weapons. One of the heroes (you know who you are) decides to conceal a weapon.
On their way as they pass city square they see 4 execution posts on a makeshift podium, displayed almost proudly.
At the Watering Hole Barachio and Rolando become involved in a game of sabacc with several beings, the most noteworthy are a couple of large brutes, one a Rodian and the other a Trandoshan. Eventually the Rodian, who is completely intoxicated, gets a little rough with a Cathar barmaid named Kashi. In self defense she lacerates his face badly with her claws. The Rodian then throws her across the room. The Trandoshan begins to laugh loudly and Kris Hibik, who was about to throw his bottle at the Rodian but was strongly offended at the trandoshans amusement instinctually throws the bottle at him instead. Newton, who had been flirting strongly with the fellow Cathar, rushes to her side to make sure she is okay. Once he sees that she is badly hurt but stable, he goes into a rage and launches himself at the Rodian. Xairex, who had been standing in the corner not contributing in any way, decides to finally get involved and goes after the Rodian also. The fight escalates until the Trandoshan pulls a knife on Barachio, at which point Jeremy (didn’t get his char sheet, will add his name later) pulls his blaster on the Trandoshan.
Just then they hear a loud voice demand them to stop. The marshal had just walked in.


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